The Affinity Engineering Foundation is a public charity founded in 2015.

​​​​​​​​​​​Projects of Interest

​​​​​​​Our Mission is to aid in the advancement of mankind by solving our world's most extensive challenges through​ education, mentorship, market transformation, and economic development.

Education in Dallas - Working with local non-profits in their support of equity in education. This requires putting systems into place that ensures every child has an equal chance for success.

Education in Cambodia – Supporting Caring for Cambodia in their effort to build a better, brighter future for the children of Cambodia through education. 

Education in Guatemala - Working with local advocates to provide school supplies and adequate facilities to facilitate education in rural areas.

Electrification in Bolivia – Supporting the CharitableFoundation of the Energy Bar Association's project building electric infrastructure in northeast Bolivia. This project will create profound change for many people how have never had electricity in their homes.

Mentorship – Supporting Young Life in its mission to build confidence, values, and resilience in young people. We work with Young Life in Dallas, New York, and Australia.

Healthcare – Supporting Texas Scottish Rite H​ospital for Children in its efforts to treat and cure orthopedic conditions and ailments in children.

Clean Water – Partnering with Water Mission on well projects in Africa designed to provide access to clean water.